Rotary Club Of Warwick

Apr1 - A family affair

At a recent meeting, President John Taylor introduced the members of the Rotary Club of Warwick to Mathew Hammond who talked to the club about his daughter, Scarlett, John’s granddaughter, who was born with a very rare disease.

Scarlett is one of only 20 children diagnosed each year with Hyperinsulinism, and is under the care of Great Ormond Street Hospital. Mathew described his family’s journey with this rare disease and how he helps to share his experience with other families.

Scarlett, who is now 4, was born prematurely at Warwick Hospital and was soon recognised as seriously ill. Doctors eventually discovered that her pancreas was not functioning properly and she must be monitored regularly each day as she has to have four injections. Early diagnosis at Warwick saved her from suffering long term damage which could have affected her brain.

 Little is known about the causes or effective treatment, and Scarlett has been the first to be treated with Sirolimus which has stabilised her condition. Prone to infections, she has now started school and is a really lively youngster.

The family have huge praise and respect for their NHS treatment, and the support given by the education and local care services. Matthew takes an active role in the charity helping raise funds for research and providing a website and leaflets for other parents.

One of President John’s charities for the year is the Hyperinsulinism Unit at Great Ormond Street Hospital, and collections and raffles this year have swelled the fund.

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