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Aug1 - Castle opens it’s gates to Chernobyl Children…thanks to Rotary

Warwick Castle played host to children from Belarus on Monday as 12 teenagers from the Chernobyl area, all in remission from cancer, explored the best of English castles courtesy of Merlin Entertainments.

The youngsters were welcomed to Warwick by Deputy Mayor Cllr Neale Murphy and David Smith, President of the Rotary Club of Warwick, which has arranged these visits to the Castle for over 10 years.

Then it was off around the castle accompanied by costumed actors bringing history to life as a variety of medieval characters. The weather was changeable but a great time was enjoyed, clambering up the ramparts, being shown the skills of archery, and the birds of prey, as well as the castle dungeons. The children had never seen a castle of this type before and were amazed, their particular favourite was the jousting in the newly built area.

The charity Chernobyl Children’s Project UK, Solihull branch has brought the children from Belarus for a holiday to restore their health. 32 years after the nuclear disaster the area is still highly contaminated, affecting the air, water, and local produce. The young people visiting this year are in remission from cancer, and all have had bone marrow transplants, and were accompanied by their doctor.

During a month in the UK they are taken to the seaside, into the country, and eat fruit and vegetables free from contamination allowing their immune systems to recover prolonging their lives.    The children spend two weeks staying with host families in Solihull, are then stay together for a further two weeks in residential accommodation.

By the end of the day they were tired but their faces told how much they had enjoyed their visit to Warwick.

Donations can be made to Chernobyl Children’s Project UK,


Cllr Neale Murphy, Deputy Mayor of Warwick, with David Smith, President

Rotary Club of Warwick & visitors from Chernobyl at Warwick castle