Rotary Club Of Warwick

Jul25 - ‘Charley’ visited by Princess Anne

It was 4 years ago when a project was started at Lowlands Farm, Shrewley, Disabled Riding School, to acquire a mechanical horse.

This project grew into a top of the range horse, and a shed to put it into, with a budget around £50,000.   Whilst the Rotary Club of Warwick were unable to help financially at the time, two of the club members, Laurie Day and Jackie Crampton, used their business skills to prepare drawings and apply for planning permission which enabled the fundraising to get under way.

On Tuesday July 13th 2016 HRH Princess Anne, President of Riding for the Disabled, visited the facility and formally opened “Charley’s House”, and spent time talking to the many helpers and riders who will benefit from the initiative.

Lowlands Farm 3. Lowlands Farm 4.6579

Lowlands Farm 1 Lowlands farm 2