Rotary Club Of Warwick

Dec2 - Childrens Hospital in Bo

Appeal for help

Last year local people kindly donated to the Rotary Club of Warwick, and One World Link, to send help out to Bo Rotary Club during the Ebola epidemic.

One year on, a further 11 bed ward and 3 isolation rooms have just been added to the children’s hospital to help care for children with Ebola and other infectious diseases such as malaria and typhoid. However this is located so far from the city electricity supply that it needs it’s own power supply. It is proposed to install a solar power system, storage batteries and a back-up generator at a cost of £21,000.

Warwick Rotary is determined to find the 29% of this sum required to qualify for a Rotary District grant, and then obtain a matching grant from the Rotary Foundation. The club has already written to other clubs in the Rotary District – Southam, Leamington, Stratford and Kenilworth asking for their help to raise nearly the £6,000 required.

Ebola can lie dormant inside carriers and the battle is not over. Last year local people and companies donated £1,100 to help the community affected by Ebola, if isolation areas can be established this will stop the disease getting hold again.

Warwick and Leamington communities have built strong links with Bo over the last 30 years, and a Rotarian from Southam is currently in Sierra Leone monitoring progress. The project can start as soon as funding is secured. If anyone would like to help us make this happen with a donation, please send it to “Rotary Club of Warwick” c/o President Jon Wassall, 29 Theatre Street, Warwick, CV34 4DP.

Bo aid 3 Ebola Crisis 3.

The pictures shown are from the Rotarians in Bo following last years donation.