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Feb23 - Helping families deal with a Brain Tumour

Jen Boilested, Community Fundraiser with the Brain Tumour Charity, came to a meeting of the Rotary Club of Warwick last week to tell them about their work. Accompanying Jen was local father Oliver Highway who worked at National Grid in Warwick until his tumour was discovered when he started to forget simple things.

Jen told the club that every day 29 people in the UK are diagnosed with a Primary Brain Tumour, over10,000 a year, with over 130 types affecting all ages. The causes are unknown but your brain is what makes you “you”, and any damage can have a devastating effect on your life. Most people and their families with a diagnosis need information, advice and guidance to help them find appropriate treatment, and to live with the condition.

Oliver has had to find ways to adapt to his limitations and following limited surgery left his job. He is grateful he can still communicate, although sometimes struggles for words, but is able to enjoy time with his young son. His experience will differ from others, and he needs ongoing chemotherapy to keep the tumour at bay.

Brain tumours are the largest killers of people under 40 and little has changed in their treatment since the ‘70’s. With only 2% of cancer research being spent on these tumours, the charity was established in 1996 and has invested over £18.6 million in pioneering research to find new treatments, raise awareness of the symptoms and effects of brain tumours, increase survival rates and bring a cure closer. The charity also provides support to over 20,000 people and information for anyone affected.

The charity is entirely funded through donations, and will be arranging another Twilight Walk in Warwick to raise funds in October. For further information and how to donate see

Thanking Jen and Oliver for their insight into the disease Rotarian Alan Bailey said they had made us aware of the early signs so vital to ensure early diagnosis. Vice President David Smith presented Jen with a donation towards the work of the Brain Tumour Charity.

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Vice President David Smith with Jen Boilested and Oliver Highway