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Jul2 - The Falklands conflict re-visited

At the evening meeting on June 29th the club was entertained by Fred Clark who had been one of only three policeman in Port Stanley on the Falkland Islands when they were invaded by the Argentinians in 1982.

Fred’s light hearted talk did not deceive listeners from the deadly time islanders endured until the Argentines surrendered 2½ months later. Overall 907 lost their lives, 649 Argentines, 255 British servicemen and 3 islanders, with the loss of many British ships. The remote islands were left with 113 minefields laid by the 13,000 invaders, many of which still exist.

In 2013 the islanders overwhelmingly confirmed their wish to stay British and the population remains around 2,800.   Fred, who is currently Mayor of Bromyard in Herefordshire, was able to answer many questions from the audience which helped to give an even greater insight into this small but happy & contented part of the world.

President John Taylor thanked Fred for giving them an inside story and presented him with a donation for the Royal British Legion.

Picture shows Jon Wassall welcoming Fred to the meeting in his last duty as President.

Falklands FredIMG_6542

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