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Rotary Club of Warwick


The official site of Rotary Warwick – England

              What do you think that Rotary is all about??


We can tell you, but there is an easier way to learn about us and that is by coming along to one of our meetings and talking to us – nothing ventured, nothing gained – and there is definitely no obligation.  Click on the link below.  

                                     All are welcome.

If you are unable to get to a meeting, have a browse through our site to see the sort of things in which we get involved.       And remember – Rotary is not for men only!!


Coming soonStroke awareness Day – Saturday April 29th

Have a look at some of the recent additions to our web site – just click on the subject or go to the Events page:

**The Marathon Man in Warwick**

** A Family Affair**

**RDA National Centre Comes to Warwick**

**Learning about Nepal and the Gurkhas**


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